Welcome to the about section of my website, here you will find some specific implications on the website that I have gone through.

Legal is an implication that I have addressed directly in the website. All of the pictures in the website are mine, which completely avoids any copyright claims. In the website, copyright is on the images as addressed. Breaches of copyright can include but is not limited to: The use of images without direct permission, using work without permission.

All of the pictures that are on the website are owned by myself, and they are not for other use other than my own.
You do not have permission to use my images unless if I directly say so.

The website was designed to stay in the same style, format and such. This was done so it would be easy to naviagate, because a website that is different on every page doesn't do the user any good.

Accessibility has also been addressed, accessibility is if the website is easy to navigate, access different parts and such. It is addressed in about.html. Without accessibility, the website will then be hard and or frustrating to use by a new user. Accessibility includes but is not limited to: Clarity, number of pages to get to the desired page, efficiency to getting to the desired page and such.
Nothing on the website requires yourself to be able to see colour as every one of the three buttons is labeled, with that it is easily accessible by people of colour blindness.

Privacy has been addressed in the website. Their information is safe as I do not log the information that goes through, and it doesn’t require an account to access it.
Privacy allows users to feel like their information is not going to be used for something else. Privacy can include information being stored from the user, being used, and such.